Measure pellet head diameters to 0.01 mm accuracy

Tom Gaylord wrote a four part BLOG related to PelletGage. Tom thinks this is an important product. I thank him for the advice and support. He has also authored an extensive article in Firearms News (linked with permission from the publisher) in which he tested sorted and unsorted pellets in various rifles. 

And I did find some good articles online about pellet head inspection:

Ted's Holdover is one. This guy shows how oversized pellets fly. He seems to be able to use a dial indicator and a jig to measure them. Think he needs a PelletGage...
One of my customers (who is a champion shooter) referred me to a product he already has - it measures pellets in a different manner with moving air. He told me he had not used it in two years. I think I see why. ;-) His new PelletGages shipped this weeken

Ron Robinson, a national champion filed target competitor and airgun author, was dubious about using PelletGage. He (and I) believed that buying a quality pellet was good enough. See his online comments from Yellow Forum.

Tom Gaylord has begun testing the PelletGage on his forum sponsored by Pyramyd Air. After seeing results of shooting sorted wadcutters on a 10 meter rifle, he said "today’s results suggest the Pelletgage works very well. If things continue in this direction, this will be the most important invention airgunning has seen in a decade."

Tom has also written an extensive article  (linkedin Firearms News (vol 70 no.3), He tests two different rifles with pellets before and after sorting by head diameter. He concludes "I'm convinced from my tests that Pellet head sizes do affect accuracy in many airguns. The higher the quality of the gun, the more it will respond to ammunition of the correct size. For competitors, the payoff comes in the form of higher scores. The Pelletgage gives shooters a convenient way of sorting their pellets to realize this benefit".

Tom Gaylord has a video showing how the PelletGage works. He finds a nice tin of pellets. I will buy some of those.

Mr. Cliff Tharp - Publisher of Varmintair has posted a review of PelletGage. He is an advocate, finding some surprising things about pellets with this tool. In June, he measured several tins of pellets and found some variance.

Simon Everett, writes in the UK magazine publication, Airgun Shooter (October, 2016) 

…I’ve always found pellet head size to be more important than weight.
…some barrels prefer particular head sizes, and 0.01mm can make a noticeable difference in group consistency.
In practice, it’s quite quick to use…
…knowing your ammunition is absolutely consistent can make the difference between winning and losing in high-precision shooting disciplines.
…field target competitors and 10m national match shooters could find the Pellet Gauge [sic] indispensable, as you can make an accurate gun/ammo combination even more consistent by trying and batching pellets.
…Pellet Gauge [sic] certainly makes the task easier and more precise.

My friend Joe Peacock is important in giving me the idea, and in making the nice plastic parts for PelletGage. Check out his site. The Speedy Pellet Inspector is a great aid for inspection and sorting.

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